The first 2nd chance draw has been completed! Thank you all for your participations!
5 lucky winners will travel with a friend to France, the winning country of World Cup 2018. If you have submitted one of the codes below then get ready for the trip!

1 YJ7XC7 0059701
2 77PBCT 0090678
3 N9S82W 0135804
4 R5SRVF 0050305
5 PZ8FGF 0011483
Before you start packing your suitcase, you need to complete the following process steps:
  • Check your inbox (of the registration email address) for relevant winner confirmation
  • Follow the link quoted in the email, and complete the form
  • Further to your confirmation, Hellenic Lotteries will call you to inform you of the process to receive your gift!
Click here to watch the draw.
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