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You purchase the Special Edition “Lucky Cat” 2nd Chance (2€) scratch or “Lucky Cat with tail” 2nd Chance (5€) scratch or both.

In case your ticket has no winnings, you have the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Chance draw and become one of the 50 lucky people that will take part in the big event contenting for prizes from 1.000€ until 1.000.000€!

Below you can find the detailed steps to participate:

1) You scratch the 2nd chance area in front of the ticket, which is highlighted into the red frame

2) The 7-digit code and the QR code are revealed

3) You can register your participation in the 2nd chance draw, with 2 alternatives:
- Enter the code in, section “2nd Chance” following your registration or
- Scan the QR code in OPAPP application

Each code corresponds to 2 participations for the 2€ ticket and 5 participations for the 5€ ticket.

With Second Chance you can achieve more!