SCRATCH: 3,606,512 Euros in winnings last week


SCRATCH hands out winnings to thousands every day. Last week, from April 8 until April 14 2019, SCRATCH handed out a total of 3,606,512 Euros. Among the winners was a lucky player who won 100,000 Euros in the game “Lucky cat with tail!”, as well as another lucky player who won 10,000 Euros in the SCRATCH game “Triple 7”.

SCRATCH is constantly gaining new fans as it is the only game to offer winnings in an instant. Three new games were recently added to the range of SCRATCH games: The new game “Lucky cat with tail!”, which costs five Euros and offers 16 opportunities for winnings up to 500,000 Euros, the game “Goal for 500€”, which costs one euro, with 2,000 lucky slips that win the amount of 500 Euros and the new game “Emerald 10s”, which costs 10 Euros and offers 22 opportunities for winnings up to 1,000,000 Euros.

SCRATCH is available at OPAP agencies, vendors, kiosks, Hellenic Post Offices (ELTA) and selected super markets.